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Where Did Sin Start?

God created a perfect universe based on the law of love. This is not an arbitrary law, it is essential for every living being to live in a way that is other-centered. In other words, I give to you, you give to me and we live in harmony. When people are selfish and think of themselves over others, we hurt each other and cause damage that continues to worsen and ultimately leads to death.

Lucifer made an accusation against God charging that God was untrustworthy. His law of love was not a good law, because if you broke it, it would lead to death. He accused God that if beings did not live in harmony with God's law, God would kill them.

In order for us to be able to actually love, God had to allow freedom of choice. Without that choice, we would just be robots. If you have a robot that you programmed to treat you in a loving way, would you actually feel loved? However, love happens when you stick by someone and give yourself to them even though they have the freedom to walk away. Would you feel loved if your girlfriend or boyfriend didn't have a choice in the matter.

All beings have to make a choice, to love or not to love. The result of not choosing love leads to the natural consequence of death. It is a lie of Satan's to make us believe God is coercive and says, I love you, but if you don't obey... I've got to kill you. The result of sin is that you choose not to connect yourself with the author and sustainer of life. He desires to save and is long suffering in that He puts up with an awful lot of abuse and pain in trying to woo you because He is love.

Lucifer doubted God's wisdom and spread his discontent to 1/3 of the heavenly beings. At first, it was subtle until eventually, war broke out. God had to allow the freedom to question and choose, because you cannot have love without freedom. A plan was already in place to combat sin as God knows the beginning from the end. But He would have to allow the effects of sin to play out so we could understand why it led to death. What Lucifer never imagined is that it would lead to God's own painful death on the cross.

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